Majestic Forge is currently owned and operated by Bryan and Kala Horn. Originally founded by Jim and Marlena Walls – created by a vision from Jim, a professional blacksmith. This business was inspired by Jim’s difficulty finding a quality blacksmithing gas forge with a reasonable price tag.

Our journey with this company began with Bryan working for Jim and Marlena completing various side jobs around their shop and farm. Eventually that transitioned to Jim mentoring Bryan, teaching him not only how to build a forge but the importance of quality and craftsmanship. In the 8 years Jim and Bryan worked side by side, Jim guided Bryan on everything from his philosophy on the right way to do business, his goal of providing a reasonably priced product worth having his name on; to his beliefs in having faith in people and when presented with opportunity, seizing it to pay forward kindness and generosity while staying humble.

Jim’s goal was to offer excellent quality products at prices you can afford – a goal that will continue to live on under the operation of his apprentice. Our goal is to remember where this business started and to keep Jim’s dream and passion for this family-owned company thriving for years to come.

With many years of experience manufacturing gas forges, Majestic Forge is your number one source for Blacksmith Forges, Farrier Forges and Specialty Forges alike. We are dedicated to creating top of the line forges at a price you can afford.

Our company also offers custom forge creations to suit your desire. Contact our office today to find our more!
Thank you for visiting Majestic Forge, where you will find reliable and affordable Blacksmith Gas Forges and other Specialty Gas Forges. If you have questions about any of our forge products, give our office a call at 740-240-1051 or send us an email to