Q: Are your forges made in America?
A: YES! We manufacture our forges in our shop near  Sugar Grove, Ohio, and we strive to use USA made components /materials as much as possible.

Q: Can I safely turn off some burners?
A: YES! our fittings and valves are rated for high heat and will not be damaged and we provide instructions to prevent “chimney effect”. Also it is easy to block off part off the forge to reduce the firebox size by simple placing a firebrick inside.

Q: Should I coat the insulation with rigidizer?
A: NO, our ceramic liners are rigidized at the factory giving them a hardened shell. Some rigidizers can react with this and damage the liner.

Q: Can I use flux in these forges?
A: YES, flux is corrosive to any liner, however we include instructions to help you protect your forge so you can use flux without harming the forge liner.

Q: What L.P. / Propane tank should I use?
A: For 1 burner you can use a 20lb. tank or larger. For 2 burners either a 40lb. or a 60 lb. tank or larger. For 3 burners and 5 burners a 60 lb. tank or larger.

Q: Can I order by mail or over the phone?
A: YES, you can order by phone 740-746-9998. We accept all major credit cards.

Q: Will your forge reach welding temps?
A. YES, with the exception of the one burner forge all of our forges are designed to easily achieve welding heat. For heavy welding such as damascus and long items we recommend 3 or more burners.