1 Burner Forge


Armor, Artist, Farrier, Multi purpose
This forge allows for large and unusual shaped items to be heated for bending and shaping, large scrolls are not a problem with this open design. It is also excellent for smaller items such as knives, and can be used for sheet metal up to 22” wide, great for armor and artist work! Farriers, this can also be used for horse shoes. Extremely Versatile little forge!

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Product Description

With this forge you receive the same professionally engineered burner design and brass orifices used in all Majestic Forges to achieve fast intense reliable heat, and the same compressed and rigidized ceramic liners that we use in all of our forges. It comes with the base, 8” hearth assembly, and top burner assembly, precision valve, 6’ hose and regulator assembly. In order to save you unnecessary shipping costs, you will receive a 14” post for table top type assembly ( please see pictures), for floor standing assembly you will need to supply the main pole which is a 5’ piece of 1” pipe or 1” conduit. This is available at most large hardware stores for about $5.00 which is way less than you would pay to have us ship one to you.
Because of the open design we do not recommend this for welding . In our Gallery you can see the video of this forge. You will notice that in less than 1 minute the metal is at forging heat. The rigidized ceramic insulation is used in the top burner and bottom hearth. After heating metal to white hot, the bottom of the hearth is cool to the touch, demonstrating the insulating value of the liners used in all Majestic Forges.

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 6 in